Travaux routiers Finisseur


Emplacement: HAPS
Dimensions du volume de transport (L x l x H): 4760 x 1140 x 1980 mm
Type de transporteur: À chenilles
Autres informations: Screed AB220-3 TV electrical screed heating (from 1,2 till 2,2 meter + additional extension parts ON REQUEST), transport belt: 70% good, crawler: 70% good, augers: 70% good, screed: 70% good, high leveling system: VOGELE NIVELTRONIC (2x leveling sensors & 1x slope sensor), easy-to-grap ErgoBasic operating concept, diesel engine DEUTZ TD 2.9 L 4 (output 55,4 kW) emission norm EU Stage IV/ EPA Tier 4, ERGOPLUS operating system, CE – confirmity, EPA, general condition: good working.
- Laydown rate up to 300 tonnes/h
- Clearance width only 1.4m
- The ideal option for highly confined sites thanks to its compact dimensions
- Wide range of pave widths from 0.5 – 3.5m
- Simple operation with the innovative and easy-to-grasp ErgoBasic operating concept
- Perfect visibility due to its modern machine design
- High pre-compaction with the AB 220 TV Extending Screed - (tamper and vibrators)
- Several feed options with the asymmetrical material hopper

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